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company experience.


2009 to present. Duets (Philadelphia, PA and New Orleans, LA)


2008 to present. Nora Gibson Performance Project (Philadelphia, PA) (review)


2006 to 2010. Tsunami Dance Company (New Orleans, LA)


1991 and 2008. Melanie Stewart Dance Theatre (Philadelphia, PA)


2002 to 2005. Adult Content (Salt Lake City, UT)


2002 to 2003. Performing Dance Company (Salt Lake City, UT)


2001 to 2002. Clancy Works (Washington DC)


1992 to 1998. The Liz Lerman Dance Exchange  (Washington DC) (review)


1991 to 1992. Dendy Dance (NY, NY) (review)


1992. Joy Kellman Dance (NY, NY)


1988 to 1989. Towson State University Dance Company (Baltimore, MD)


freelance performance experience.


2013. “8” a staged reading directed by Aimee Hayes and written by Dustin Lance Black (New Orleans, LA)


2012. BlackRock DanceFest, director Adrienne Clancy (Germantown, MD)


2011. The Skriker, director Rebecca Frank (New Orleans,LA)


2011. Rumors of War, directors Kathy Randels/Monique Moss (New Orleans,LA)


2010. Soul Doctor (the musical journey of Schlomo Carlebach), director Holly-Anne Ruggiero (New Orleans, LA)


2009. Company, director Michael Howard  (New Orleans, LA) (review)


2008. Time to Dance, director/choreographer Melanie Stewart (Philadelphia, PA)


2004. Godspell, choreographer Brent Schneider (Salt Lake City, UT)


2001. Liminal DK Performance 2000, choreographer Eric Pold (Barcelona, Spain) 


2000. Liminal DK Performance 2000, choreographer Eric Pold (Copenhagen, Denmark)


1998. El Al, choreographer Martin Butler (Amsterdam, Holland)


1997 to 1998. Magpie director Katie Duck (Amsterdam, Holland)


1990 to 1998. Monstah productions choreographer Reggie Crump- a variety of dance theatre works often site specific. (Washington DC, Richmond, and NY NY)


1996. Scene, choreographer Vincent Cacalano (Amsterdam, Holland)


1993. Thesis Concert, choreographer Vincent Cacalano (Washington DC)


1991. Senior Concert, performed in works created by Adrienne Clancy, Christi Aibling, Vincent Cacalano, and Darla Heim (Richmond, VA)


1991. VCU Faculty Concert work choreographer Judy Steel (Richmond, VA)


1991. ADF concert, choreographer Doug Varone (Durham, NC)


1990. ADF International Choreographer concert, work choreography Anna Marie Steckleman (Durham, NC)


1990. VCU Faculty Concert, work choreographer Judy Steel (Richmond, VA)


1990. Senior Concert work, choreographer Reggie Crump (Richmond, VA)


1989. VCU Faculty Concert, work choreographer Chris Burnside (Richmond, VA)


1987 to 1988. Marilyn Byers concerts (Baltimore, MD)

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